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Molly Lazarus, our Director Remarkable US, discusses the importance of industry events for our Remarkable startups, focusing on their experiences at the recent Abilities Expo in Chicago.

Learn how these events contribute to their Accelerator journey and future growth.

The Impact of Industry Events on Remarkable Startups

1. What role do industry events play in the Remarkable Accelerator journey?

For every accelerator we try to take the startups to at least one industry event, in the case of our US startups that is usually the Abilities Expo in Chicago. Abilities Expos are amazing because a majority of the attendees are disabled. This means that over the course of the weekend our startups get rapid feedback from people with all different types of disabilities. This feedback is invaluable and has been a catalyst for many startups to think differently about a certain aspect of their work.

As a startup, one of the best skills you can gain is quickly identifying who you are talking to and connecting them to your work. At the Abilities Expo our startups get opportunities to rapidly share what they are working on to a huge swath of different stakeholders. Even if they only meet a few people who will use their product, this practice is still an invaluable experience. 

2. How do these events contribute to the growth and development of startups in the Remarkable Accelerator program?

Every year our startups have found diverse opportunities coming out of these events. From forging new partnerships and finding new customers to being featured on assistive technology Youtube channels. The excitement of these expos is that you never really know who you will meet.

3. What are some of the key benefits that startups experience by participating in events like the Abilities Expo in Chicago?

Startups gain increased visibility, potential partnerships, and the chance to demonstrate their innovations in a real-world setting. For example, John Schulte from Big Karma said, 

"We had a blast presenting Phenoms at Chicago Abilities Expo 2024, thanks to Remarkable Tech Accelerator!!"

But another benefit comes in the form of working the booth alongside their other fellow Remarkable participants. As startups focused on a specific area such as disability you don’t often get to meet too many people who are focused on the same area as you are. The connections made between the teams and how they are able to show up and support each other sets the groundwork for them becoming good advocates of each other’s work long term.

4. How do industry events align with Remarkable’s mission and vision for supporting startups?

Industry events are key to our mission of fostering innovation and inclusivity in technology. By participating, we help our startups build connections and gain the exposure they need to succeed, aligning with our vision of creating a more inclusive world through technological advancements.

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