Graphic with text "Meet the Global startups shaping the future" and logos of Care Window, Capella Design, Clu, Peak Medical and Spendable.

We are excited to introduce the Global cohort of startups joining our 2024 Remarkable Accelerator program!

At Remarkable, our mission is to support Disability Tech innovators with the training, funding, and connections they need to create a more inclusive and accessible future. These startups are the heart of what we do, and their innovative solutions are set to transform lives and make the world a better place for everyone.

Meet the 2024 Global Cohort of Disability Tech Startups

Remarkable's Head of Accelerator Programs Emma Earley shared,

“This year’s Global cohort reflects the diversity and innovation that is at the heart of Disability Tech. Each startup is a testament to the importance of startups as a mechanism for positive impact to create a more inclusive world. It’s a huge privilege to work alongside them in this stage of their growth.”

We are proud to introduce the innovative companies in our 2024 Global cohort (in alphabetical order) below:

A logo with the text "capella design" and an orange semi circle beside the word "capella."

Capella Design

Capella Design reimagines home safety and assistive products as beautiful furniture and accessories.

A graphic showing an adult and child inside a heart-shaped outline, representing care, displayed on a digital device screen.


CareWindow is the videophone for people who can't use a smartphone, preventing loneliness and isolation of people who can't connect with others through existing technology.

A logo with a purple circle and white letters "c l u" inside the circle.


Clu uses AI and behavioural psychology to help overlooked, underutilised people identify their skills and discover the right jobs for them in employers who want to significantly improve candidate quality and experience across their hiring processes.

A logo with the letters "PM" inside a circle, with "Peak Medical" uppercase text underneath, all in shades of teal.

Peak Medical

Revolutionising Joint Disease care with clinical, convenient, value-based technology, for use at-home.

Logo of SpendAble featuring a coral and blue abstract symbol next to the company name and slogan "Empowering payments for vulnerable people."


SpendAble are making financial independence accessible to everyone regardless of age, ability or background.

Supporting Partners

Our accelerator is made possible by Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) and Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF). Startups in the Global cohort receive $100,000 AUD worth of seed funding, thanks to CPA, Telstra Foundation, and The Ian Potter Foundation.

Coming Up

We have a lot of exciting things coming up for our Global Cohort including the Sydney Disability Expo on August 2nd, a fantastic opportunity to see our innovators in action. 

If you haven’t yet, don't miss the chance to meet our US cohort and stay tuned for updates from their in-person kickstart event taking place next week! 

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