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Welcome to Our New Blog Series!

Over the next few months this is where you'll find program updates, insights and highlights of special moments from our 2024 Remarkable Accelerator Program.

In this first blog, we’re excited to update you on how we've spent the last couple of weeks welcoming our startups into our 2024 Accelerator Program with events in the US and Australia! Enjoy following our incredible 2024 startups, and thank you for being a part of their journey!

Cohort Updates 🚀

Welcome to Our US and Global Cohorts!

In June, we welcomed our US Cohort to the 2024 Accelerator program. These innovative startups started off their Accelerator journey at the Abilities Expo in Chicago, gaining valuable exposure and feedback. Check out our US Cohort announcement and Expo updates on our socials!

In early July, our Global Cohort joined with an amazing 3-day Kickstart retreat in Sydney, where startups connected and prepared for their journey. Learn more about our Global Cohort announcement and check out Kickstart retreat highlights below.

With these two cohorts, our 2024 Accelerator lineup is complete. These innovative startups are now part of our Remarkable community. We're excited to help them grow!

Program Insights 💡

How Do Industry Events Accelerate Our Startups?

Our 2024 Accelerator program is all about making connections and growing stronger, and industry events are key! After the Abilities Expo, our Director of Remarkable US, Molly Lazarus, shared her thoughts on how these events are game-changers for our startups.

“As a startup, one of the best skills you can gain is quickly identifying who you are talking to and connecting them to your work. At the Abilities Expo our startups get opportunities to rapidly share what they are working on to a huge swath of different stakeholders.”

Access Molly's full blog.

Community Highlights 💜

Creating a Nurturing Community for Startups to Thrive

A big part of our 2024 Accelerator journey is building a supportive community. Kate Jenkins, our Head of Community and Partnerships, is excited to connect our startups with top-notch mentors. Kate shares her excitement for this year’s cohort:

"As the 2024 Accelerator kicks off, I’m thrilled to connect our incredible startups with our superstar mentors. Our mentors are industry leaders passionate about helping startups grow and make a game-changing impact. I can’t wait to see the progress the cohort makes over the next 16 weeks."

Check out below what Kate has been up to during our Global Kickstart retreat.

The Journey to Achieving Startup Goals

Throughout the 2024 Accelerator program, we’ll keep you updated on our startups' progress. From pitch practice to final presentations, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes for each startup to succeed.

Access Transcript


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